Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Making a Meat Pie

Today's project was a meat pie.

In northern Michigan, they make single-serving "pies" known as pasties*. Though I've never learned to make a proper pasty, this dish combines many of the same elements and is equally satisfying: tender dough wrapped around a hearty and savory filling of veggies and meat.

I stuffed my pie with hamburger and a medley of vegetables, using a savory white sauce for the "gravy".

I started my filling with about a pound of drained browned beef, a diced onion, and some chopped green pepper. For seasoning, I threw in some salt, black pepper, and a beef bouillon cube.

After the onions were cooked, I stirred in about two tablespoons of flour, added one cup of milk, and turned up the heat. I stirred it until it thickened, and added one can of mixed vegetables. I happen to like this [pictured] combination because it has potatoes in it. But you could tuck in any veggies you like.

I set the filling aside and set to work on a pastry crust. I made enough pastry for a double-crust pie and lined a 10" pie plate:

Instead of a traditional fluted pie crust, I rolled the top crust and cut a circle nearly the size of the plate.

Then I just folded the edges of the bottom layer over the top, pleating as necessary.

I poked some steam holes in the top and baked the whole creation for 50 minutes at 350 F. Now the whole house smells good!

*Pasties: pronounced "PASST-eez". The very best pasties come from Cousin Jenny's, in downtown Traverse City. I usually get the vegetarian ones when I visit because they are simply amazing. The best comfort food ever.

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  1. I love meat pies too! So very much. :-) They are an Aussie staple and you will see pie shops everywhere here. :-)